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Physics for the Real World

Where did we come from? Where are we going? What can I do to make a difference in the scientific world? These are some of the problems that stimulate staff and students in the Physics department at DUT. Our department strives to find answers to these and many other fundamental questions.


What’s Special about Physics at DUT?

Although we do not have an undergraduate programme yet, the various offerings we have prepares students for a career in industry, whilst building a fundamental understanding of physics and its applications. Our postgraduate programme is primarily in Renewable Energy, with various applied science applications inter-linking across the various Physics disciplines and inter-departmental research areas. The unit has won numerous awards and have contributed greatly to social development in rural areas. We have strong collaborations with other departments and institutes at DUT which contributes to our growth. Some collaborative sectors, internally and externally, relate to materials science, various engineering fields – including Mechanical and Industrial, various institutes and Quality. In the near future, our materials science laboratory, using Mossbauer spectroscopy, will come online which will open up wide ranging applications to academia and industry. This will enhance both the quality of the research and increase our levels of independence.

Education also plays an important role in the manner of our approach to teaching and learning, with emphasis now being placed on education research. The research is not only a central part of our graduate student skills base, but also a key part of our service department undergraduate student experience. Our role out of general physics has wide appeal amongst the non-physics students. We are also committed to excellence in teaching and learning. Numerous research projects have been undertaken and are underway to accelerate the process to improve teaching and learning. The staff are dedicated and have a passion for Physics. They avail themselves to help our students succeed and have online content that is interactive. They have been presented with numerous awards for research, teaching, and service. The expertise has been recognised at national government level with contributions to curriculum development at school level.

We have numerous post-doctoral and international links across numerous fields, that is increasing with time.


Student Opportunities

As a student, you will learn the fundamentals necessary for employment via the degree programmes that you are registered for. The department appoints students as Physics tutors, giving students the opportunity to assist their peers with difficult concepts. Physics also hires students as laboratory instructors, laboratory assistants and as student researchers.

At the PhD level, you will have access to high tech laboratories and highly qualified (and rated) staff. Funding opportunities exist via DUT to assist post graduate students.


On behalf of the Physics department, thank you for your visit. Please browse our website, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries. We hope to see you again soon.