Public Relations Management Handbook Staff

Public Relations in South Africa today is a sophisticated, multi-faceted discipline, able to help forge effective two way communication between an organisation and its various publics. Public Relations Practitioners are responsible for planning and executing programmes to establish and maintain a favourable image for their employer among the public or groups with which it comes into contact. This communication may be face-to-face with individuals or through the mass media of radio, television, press and the Internet. Public Relations Practitioners are equipped with various skills such as writing, speaking, research and establishing relationships, all of which are important to any job so students graduate prepared with real-world skills. Public Relations plays a crucial management role in various organisations for example: government, education, non-profit, politics, the arts, financial, mining, manufacturing and hospitality.


Entrance Requirements

Diploma in Management Sciences: Public Relations & Communication Management
Bachelor of Technology Public Relations Management
Masters in Management Sciences: Public Relations & Communication
Doctor of Philosophy in Management Sciences: Public Relations & Communication

Contact Information

Head of Department: Prof VP Rawjee
031 373 6826
Campus: ML Sultan Campus


Secretary: Fowaidha Fazloodeen
Tel: 031 373 5277
Location: B Block, 4th Floor
Campus: ML Sultan Campus