The Durban University of Technology Wholesale and Retail Leadership Chair (DUT WRLC) was established in November 2017 as a result of the W&R SETA’s initiative to contribute towards Research and Qualifications development at higher levels (NQF levels 5-10). The establishment of the DUT WRLC is regarded as a step towards improving the level of professionalism in the industry.

Inherent in this initiative is the development of distinguished scholarship and reputable research and innovation, as well as the promotion of internationally competitive research. This commitment to research is aligned with the national imperative to encourage more postgraduate studies, to increase the production of traditional research outputs (as defined by research articles, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings) and to expand the pool of researchers that can contribute to knowledge production and generation in our society.

There are however also other needs in the Wholesale and Retail industry that needs to be addressed.  There is a need for the development of leaders and this need is driven by the new QCTO qualifications on higher NQF levels as well as new developments in the industry that do not require formal certified training.

There is also a need for national and international collaboration between all relevant retailers and retail related institutions on all aspects of wholesale and retail.


The main purpose of the DUT WRLC is to conduct industry relevant research and to address higher level Retail and Transformation needs in the Wholesale and Retail Sector.


The vision is that this unit develops into an internationally recognised centre of excellence that satisfies the research and Retails needs for the Wholesale and Retail Sector.

The DUT WRLC will, in collaboration with the Faculty of Management Science offer professional and general academic Master’s and Doctoral qualifications that focus on applied research in all the related business disciplines and with a research chair that focuses on the applied research needs of the Wholesale and Retail sector.

The Chair will have the functions of research, Retail education and other relevant services to the Wholesale and Retail sector. Such a structure will be in line with the nomenclature used by the university.

The establishment of a DUT WRLC should be the long term aim and be considered only when activities justify such a development.


The mission of the DUT WRLC is to produce world class applied research and to equip higher level learners and leaders with relevant knowledge and skills to be successful managers and practitioners in the wholesale and retail sector.


This DUT WRLC is based at DUT and forms a hub for the research and Retail development primarily for the retail sector in the Durban KwaZulu-Natal.