The DUT WRLC will enhance applied research by:

  • Conducting industry relevant research on topics according to the research needs of the Wholesale and Retail sector in South Africa.
  • Supporting Master’s and Doctoral graduates at all universities in South Africa with research topics relevant and usable to all disciplines of the Wholesale and Retail sector in South Africa.
  • Developing the research capacity and motivation of under graduates to undertake post graduate studies and be successful in their M and D studies.
  • Developing supervision, moderation and examination capacity of university staff and industry specialists involved in Master’s and Doctoral research.
  • Initiating and manage project research
  • Facilitating the publication of all relevant research.
  • Organising national and international research conferences.
  • Encouraging presentations at conferences.


Serve the Retail Community by:

  • Supporting all stakeholders to develop career paths and to make Wholesale and Retail a career of choice.
  • Supporting and promote the allocation of bursaries for studies in scarce skills training on NQF levels 5 to 10.
  • Encouraging national and international collaboration between all relevant training providers on NQF levels 5 to 10.
  • Encouraging work readiness of learners through support to workplace integrated learning.
  • Developing an alumni tracking system of all learners who completed retail training by universities and the WRSETA.
  • Developing a databank and network between all universities internationally that offers retail programmes.
  • Networking all institutions that provide specialised services to the retail sector
  • Enhancing WIL programmes
  • Communicating achievements through publicity channels