Postgraduate Bursaries

Mr Jody Fuchs Name: Mr Jody Fuchs
Student Number: 20100835
Previous Qualification(s): Masters (Human Resource Management)
Current Qualification: D Phil (Business Administration)
Topic: An Analysis of Competent Board Governance – the Case of EThekwini Metropolitan Municipality
Supervisor: Prof T Mgutshini

Faith Rudairo Chibvura Name: Faith Rudairo Chibvura
Student Number: 21143336
Previous Qualification(s): Masters (Marketing)
Current Qualification: D Phil (Marketing)
Topic: Social Media as a tool to grow preference for a selected brand amongst millennials in the greater Durban area.
Supervisor: Prof D Penceliah

Yenziwe Shozi Name: Yenziwe Shozi
Student Number: 21031465
Previous qualification(s): Post graduate diploma in Marketing and Supply chain
Current Qualification: Masters (Business Administration)
Topic: The technological challenges faced by selected Durban warehouses in the era of e-commerce.
Supervisor: Dr S Govender

Cawekazi Vellem Name: Cawekazi Vellem
Student Number: 21750991.
Previous Qualification(s): BTech in Marketing
Current Qualification: Masters (Marketing)
Topic: The service quality delivery on customer satisfaction in Banking industry: A case study in rural areas.
Supervisor: Mr MA Pillay

Nathan B Chirwa Name: Nathan B Chirwa
Student Number: 21856812
Previous Qualification(s): B.Com B. Management, B.Com Hons in B. Management
Masters in Business Management, Post Graduate Certificate in Education
Current Qualification: D Phil (Marketing)
Topic: Food supply chain in the retail industry and compliance with consumer protection act in South Africa: A case study of top 5 food retailers.
Supervisor: Dr P Moodley

Priscilla Musariwa Name: Priscilla Musariwa
Student Number: 21143500
Previous Qualification(s): Masters of Management Science Degree in Public Administration
Current Qualification: D Phil (Public Relations)
Topic: Monitoring and Evaluation of CSR programmes in their mining sector. Case of Zimbabwe
Supervisor: Prof R Rampersad

Themba Zitha Name: Themba Zitha
Student Number: 21450526
Previous Qualification(s): BTech in Marketing
Current Qualification: Masters (Marketing)
Topic: The use of digital payment for online shopping amongst millennials in the greater Durban.
Supervisor: Prof S. Penceliah

Winiswa Mavutha Name: Winiswa Mavutha    
Student Number: 21310515        
Previous Qualification(s): ND: Clothing Management and BTech Clothing Management
Current Qualification: Masters (Retail Management)
Topic: Retail Analytics for improving sustainability and profitability of micro and small apparel retailers in Durban
Supervisor: Dr K Corbishley

Staff - Student Exchange Program

Hloniphani Mndaba Name: Hloniphani Mndaba
Student No: 21720779
Current Qualification: Management Sciences – Marketing
Motivation for applying: I applied for this great opportunity because of my desire to gain experience and my passion for traveling. The experience of gaining relative skills such as studying in the country where my favourite car and company originated (Mercedes) is a step close to achieving my goals. I hope to be employed at Mercedes in Germany.

Mmeli Mngomezulu Name: Mmeli Mngomezulu
Student No: 21432070
Current Qualification: Management Sciences – Marketing
Motivation for applying: I am a very young and energetic person and I am always looking for opportunities that will enhance my overall character. I applied for the exchange programme because I saw the opportunity for me to go out there and learn the most I can within a foreign environment. This means getting out of my comfort zone and putting my capabilities at peak at achieving my goals.

Gcobisa Thantsi  Name: Gcobisa Thantsi
Student No: 21747884
Current Qualification: Management Sciences – Retail Management
I applied for the German Exchange Programme because I thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Through prayer and divine intervention I was accepted. I applied because Germany is a first world country I would have the ability to experience another culture, way of life and standard of living. Since I’m a retail student I really thought that this is an amazing opportunity for me, because I would get to see how retail stores operate in a first world country.

Nompumelelo Portia Xulu Name: Nompumelelo Portia  Xulu
Student No: 21751389
Current Qualification: Management Sciences – Retail Management
I am a third year student registered for a retail management. Retail is a new qualification which most people don’t know about. I have a desire to learn more and advance in life. This is a wonderful opportunity to see a first world country, where life is advanced. I see myself moving forward in my career. I plan to make the most of this opportunity and will ensure I come back with more information and knowledge to share with my fellow classmate. My aim is to become the best retailer in future. I have excellent interpersonal skills and this opportunity will allow me to share my experiences and knowledge.